Talia (shadow_weaver) wrote in anthros,

Epic Print Sale

EPIC PRINT SALE!! I'm trying to raise money to buy a smart phone so I can take credit cards at conventions. Each print is $10.00 plus $3.00 for usa shipping. International shipping will be a bit more, I'll calculate the rate of where ever you are so it costs the least amount I can manage.

Payment is via paypal. Thanks so very much for your help and support. You can either +note me or send me an email at cybercatgraphics at yahoo

I have the following prints available, but I also have tons of others not listed here. If there is something you'd like not listed here please do not hesitate to ask! I only need to sell about 15 prints before I can buy something decent.

Thanks so very much!!

Remember there's lots more! Check out my other art at http://lady-cybercat.deviantart.com or

If it's not a Commission or older than 2005 I probably have prints of it! Thanks again!!

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